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SUALAB is looking for best people

How we hire

Our philosophy is that working with the best people is the best welfare.

If you want to work with disruptive technology to make a difference in the current market,

if you’re a first mover, not a fast follower, who wants to tackle and solve unprecedented problems,

if you want to feel that your work makes mankind’s time more worthwhile,

we are looking for you at SUALAB.

Talent = Problem-Solving Skills

SUALAB seeks to solve problems that others cannot solve. To do this, we need to be able to

flexibly apply a variety of competencies, akin to pulling out one appropriate tool after another

from a toolbox for a project. We believe we need the patience and enthusiasm to tackle

problems and bring about effective solutions.


Taking Initiatives to Set Goals for Growth

Set goals for growth rather than for evaluations

All employees can view one another's goals

Top Talent

Working with top-notch

colleagues is the best welfare

Autonomy and Horizontal Structure

Ensure autonomy to excellent

employees to maximize their performance

A flat culture in which all employees

can voice their thoughts from the same platform



Philosophy that the value and price must

match in order to produce the right value.

Annual salary increases based on skills regardless

of experience

Stock Options

The company’s growth potential is shared with

members who also participate in the risk.

Payment of stock options based on performance.

R&D Culture

Challenging Research Topics

Encourage R&D of new initiatives,

not maintenance of existing systems

Autonomous Research Culture

System of flexible work hours,

vacation days for the research team

Private office space

(individual offices, not open-space rooms)

Top-Notch Equipment and Data

Access to the latest standard personal equipment

(PC, GPU, monitor).

Private office space

An expense account of a certain limit for

the purchase of electronic products

Access to big data by industry (electrical,

electronics, IT, aviation, raw materials, etc.)

Education System


Various educational programs in consideration

of the employee’s job and career path


English/Chinese language training

offered for robust global communication


Lunch/dinner provided

Opportunities to

attend domestic and

foreign seminars

Access to a gym

inside the building

Support for

book purchases

Major insurance