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Leather Inspection




가죽 카시트




Leather car seats


Limitations of Current Inspection Processes

Low Accuracy

Leather inspection is typically centered on sample inspection,

and an approximate check by the tailor prior to cutting is about

the extent to which the material gets tested. As such,

the accuracy of defect detection is relatively low.

Difficult –to-Understand Leather Utilization Rate

It is difficult to know by visual inspection how much leather is actually

used. As such, a challenge exists in terms of managing the cost of

expensive leather.

Why Unmanned Leather Inspection is Difficult

Complexity and Variety of Surface Types

Since each leather product has different complex patterns,

it has been impossible to automate the detection process

using conventional technologies, which cannot accurately

distinguish defects from patterns.

Variety of Defect Types

The types and shapes of defects vary widely, and the defect

criteria also can differ depending on the situation, making it

difficult to identify defects using current technologies.



Benefits Offered by LAS

All-in-One Solution from Inspection to

Nesting and Cutting

The SUALAB LAS is a "total solution" that performs

unprecedented AI leather inspection and carries out

auto nesting and cutting based on deep learning technology.

By using SUALAB LAS, customers can save on labor costs,

pressing costs and raw materials costs.