PAS (Printing AI Solution)


Product Description

It is a web inspection system applicable to roll-to-roll production fields, such as print

ing, paper, film, textile, and printed electronics. It detects defects of the web at high

speeds and performs repair to the defective areas.

The product can largely be categorized into four divisions: transport, tension control,

inspection and repair.

① Transport

: supports bi-directional transport of web by subdividing into rewinder

and unwinder sections

② Tension Control

: ensures there is consistent control. Tension levels can be set

differently according to material characteristics and web size,

thereby minimizing the strain and damage on webs.

③ Inspection

: Customers can select color or gray scale scan camera depending on

their inspection target. The solution is built on SUALAB's machine

vision, machine learning and super computing technology, and can

analyze image data to detect defects at about 2GB/second.

④ Repair

: We develop and provide repair solutions optimized for each customer's



Increase yield

via improved



The high-resolution inspection and AI algorithms provided by PAS enables the customer to

actively manage the manufacturing process through increased accuracy in detection and

improved tracking of causes of defects.

Efficient human

capital management

Full automatic scanning and two-way traversing capability enable each operator to manage multiple

machines and, as such, increase workforce efficiency.

Increased operational


Compared with existing testers, the PAS offers a variety of functions, thereby maximizing

the efficiency of the inspection system operation.



High-Resolution Inspection

The camera can be changed depending on customer requirements,

but the 16k line scan camera is typically used for a 300mm web test. The optical resolution is 20㎛ x 20㎛.

Real-time Image Enhancement Algorithm

The solution allows for accuracy and precision in inspection by obtaining high-quality video of the subject even in difficult

environment such as when the subject might be in motion on a conveyor belt.

Repair System

We develop and provide customized repair solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Edge Position Control

The EPC system is mounted on both the rewinder and unwinder, making it possible to maintain straight Web Edge positioning.

Modern UI/UX

We support multi-touch gestures and have made a concentrated placement of

an intuitive flat-style UI, enhancing the cognitive experience for the user.

User Behavior Learning Engine

Most of the inspection systems in the market are manufactured to custom-fit certain processing environments and require

algorithm adjustments and/or system customizations to accommodate any changes to the processes or product quality standards.

The SUALAB solution aims to reduce the costs related to this issue. The PAS is a next-generation inspection technology that

automatically learns the degrees of defects that need to be detected in various environments, while continuing to

improve its own performance.

GPU-based High Speed Inspection

The solution analyzes image data (2GB/sec) and detects defects in real time through optimized

algorithms and GPU-based computing.

Automatic Defect Classification Engine

The solution is a revolutionary technology that can automatically classify the identified defects,

track the causes of the defects based on relevant statistics, and actively manage the processes,

ultimately enhancing production yield.

Bi-Directional Transport

The solution supports bi-directional transport, allowing specific repair of the defect following the inspection.

The operational efficiency is maximized when one operator manages a number of inspection systems.

Tension Control

The solution maintains a consistent tension level. It is also possible to set certain tension levels to best accommodate

the characteristics of the inspection subject such as material and size.

Integrated Operation Program

We’ve combined the control program and the inspection program into one,

enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of the systems.

Remote Assistance

We provide remote support to address customer inquiries and to resolve issues as quickly as possible.



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