TAS Tenter Machine Offline


Product Description

TAS Offline is an AI inspection solution that can detect various types of textile

defects with high accuracy and speed. Unlike the inline equipment, which is

attached to existing manufacturing systems (e.g. printing machines, tenter

machines), the TAS offline solution operates independently.

Common Applicable Defects

Mold clogging, contamination, discoloration, tearing,

scrape, friction, unevenness, etc.


Final Detection

In place of the existing inspection machines, the solutions enables quick and accurate

unmanned inspection of defects in the textile finishing process.

human capital


Unmanned inspection is possible up to 5 times faster than conventional visual inspection.

While the existing method was to operate a number of skilled inspectors,

this solution now makes it possible to operate with only a small number of workers.


nspection Costs

The customer can reduce the cost of expensive outsourcing tests by securing manufacturers'

trust in the credibility of the SUALAB AI inspection report.



High-speed inspection (max 100m/min) is made possible

(Cf. average inspection speed per employee about 15m/min)

You can adjust the defect detection levels (A, B, C) so as to avoid unnecessary inspection of certain defect levels.

The artificial intelligence technology allows the machine to optimize itself

even if prpoduct types or defect criteria change.

The solution not only detects the presence of defects but also can classify the defect type,

contributing to improvement of the overall process.

Inspection of various complex images is possible.

Rolling/folding options are available for fabric input and output.

ㄴInput/output options: folding/folding, folding/rolling, rolling/folding, rolling/rolling

A 4-Point System inspection report is created.


If the machine automatically detects a defect, wouldn’t it result in too many detections?

No. You can set the detection class (A, B, C) for each textile type.

For instance, you can assign an “A” grade for the textile that needs to be relatively more strict about catching defects,

and a “C” for the types that can afford to be less stringent. In addition, the SUALAB AI technology does not repeat

the same mistake as long as there is a simple input from the operator at the start of the test. Ultimately,

the solution operates with detection standards that are as solid as would be had by a human inspector.

Would it be possible to implement a completely unmanned operation

when there are areas other than inspection that requires human work?

TAS Offline can be completely unattended when used by a sewing company for sample inspection.

However, in the case of dyeing and processing companies, there are still areas that require manpower (cutting,

packaging, etc.) in addition to inspection. In this case, it is impossible to run the operations completely unattended.

But it is still possible to operate more efficiently, such as by having one employee operate three TAS offline machines

rather than having three inspectors.

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