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We research artificial intelligence-based disruptive technology

to automate the work undertaken by people in order to increase the value of time

SUALAB is a provider of AI-based Smart Factory Solutions

SUALAB is composed of top-notch engineers in the computer, electronics,

machinery and other industries, putting our heads and expertise together to

research technologies and products to help change the world for the better.

Specifically, with the deep learning, machine vision, and super- computing

technologies as a fundamental base, we are researching various machine-vi

sion systems that can replace the human eye for the industrial sector. We're

also studying artificial intelligence systems that go beyond simple mechanical

computations in order to improve lives.

Deep Learning

Machine Vision

Super Computing


Vision Inspection Solution

SUALAB, whose research is focused on artificial intelligence image-analysis technology,

provides inspection via unmanned automation solutions for the textile,

leather and steel industries, for which testing with conventional machine vision technology is a challenge.

Provides H/W package that

can acquire the optimal visual

image for inspection accuracy

Provides software for

industrial image

processing and AI image analysis

Provides S/W and H/W for

functions such as inspection

report generation, inspection

result databases, and defect point marking



automation solution

Smart Factory Optimization Solution

SUALAB, with artificial intelligence big-data technology at its core, collects and analyzes all process data.

It derives the key parameters to maintain optimal process states and provides solutions to control them.

Collect data, such as process

records, MES and ERP

Provide software with capacity

to analyze correlations among variables

Observe changes in various

process data, provide software

that can take appropriate action

in case of trouble

Process optimization solution